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About L'oeon

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   21 Years of Expertise   

LOEON is one of the Canada Kelsen Health Development Corporation's sub-brands which was founded in 1989, and headquartered in Canada. We have branches located in Los Angeles, Paris, and Hong Kong. LOEON brand was established in 2021 and mainly develops and produces premium medical products. LOEON’s Research and development capabilities and product quality have been highly recognized by Alberta citizens over the years. 
In the past years, our health products have helped millions of people regain their health naturally, also reduced exposure to chemicals and drug dependence.








Since LOEON established, we have always adhered to the highest quality natural resources as the basis, using advanced purification techniques and scientific ingredient ratios to provide professional non-medicinal auxiliary solutions for people who are suffering from diseases, helping people regain their health, happy life.




The company has a reasonable talent structure. Under the leadership of several professional pharmacists and pharmaceutical engineers have been strictly following the rigorous and scientific process level to ensure that the product efficacy and quality fully comply with the Canadian Ministry of Health’s NPN certification standards. This is how our product becomes true natural and useful health products.







Chairman of the board

Mr. Kelson Williams, Irish-Canadian, 61 years old, is currently the chairman of the company.

In 1978, he studied Pharmacology and Pharmacy at McGill University. After graduation, he continued to study for a master's degree. In 1985, he received a master's degree from McGill University. For the next three years, he stayed at the school as a teaching assistant.



Mr. Williams resigned from the university in 1989 and founded a local pharmacy called Hailer. After 10 years of development, the pharmacy has gained a certain reputation in Calgary, Canada. Subsequently, Mr. Williams and his wife founded it in Edmonton. Established a dietary supplement factory called Kelsons, which specializes in providing vitamins and plant-based health products for local pharmacies and community clinics.









In 2019, Kelsons transformed from a production-oriented company to research and development-oriented biopharmaceutical patent management company. Its main business is to research and develop natural health product formulation patents with NPN licenses, and its own brand LOEON is being sold as a new generation of international health products around the world. The company currently has a team of highly skilled scientists and pharmacists, including 7 doctors, 11 masters, and 4 company directors. It uses a series of advanced testing equipment such as international advanced high-precision liquid phase and gas phase spectrometers. Select high-quality, non-polluting resources, and then develop a series of safe and reliable natural health products through refined component separation.






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